"We have worked with Eva on two major property purchases in the last two years with extremely satisfactory results.  In both cases, after extensive research and sorting through various potential properties in Capitola and Los Altos Hills, we purchased two properties that we feel met or exceeded our initial requirements.  Eva's skills, advice, and professionalism contributed to making the research & purchase process both a thorough business process as well as an enjoyable personal experience.


We enjoy working with Eva because of her professionalism, her willingness to listen to our input, her abilities to help us decide on what is most important, her ability to gauge value in property, and her strong representation for us as her clients.  We would recommend Eva to anyone looking for realtor representation into this area."


~ Martha and Jack Regan, Genentech



"Your support on the sale of our Los Altos home was invaluable.  You helped us to meet all of our goals.  We quickly got a very good price, the paperwork process was easy and accurate and all of our interactions were very professional.  I noted your willingness to do whatever it took to get the house ready, your practical advice about what improvements to make prior to the listing, your suggestions of quality vendors to work with and the fact that you were totally engaged in meeting our goals.  I particularly appreciated your flexibility and support.

It was a new experience for me to buy a home on my own.  Frankly working with you, I never felt that I was on my own; I always felt that you were my partner acting in my best interest.  I appreciated your willingness to work around my crazy schedule.  You did a great job negotiating on my behalf and advising me on the trade off"s. Once again, working together led me to successfully meeting my goals.  Your gift of the Home Buyer’s Protection Plan turned out to be very beneficial and helped me transition to being a single homeowner.  Most importantly, I think I bought the right house for me, the boys and I am very happy in our home."


~ Patricia Dutra, Sun Microsystems



“ "We can hardly express how grateful we are for for all that you have done for us through the sale and purchase of mulitple homes.  You are the Mary Poppins of the Real Estate World: Practically Perfect in Every Way."                                                             


~ Matt & Robyn Eubanks



“I would like to take the time to share what a wonderful experience it was working with you, as my realtor.  I have had three other realtors in the past and none of them even compared to how pleasant, easy and enjoyable you made the buying process.  What was different about this experience, is that I truly felt like you were my advocate.  I felt you were looking out for my best interest, I did not feel rushed into making a decision.  Eva you were readily available and showed a genuine interest in finding a place that had all the features I was looking for.


You are an exceptional woman, who is patient, positive, full of integrity and shows incredible determination.  You are resourceful and a wealth of knowledge when it came to any question I had in regards to real estate."


~ Diane Libby, Middle School Teacher/Counselor